A few tips for great looking hair

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

  1. Do not brush hair when it is wet.  This disrupts your hairs cuticle, which stretches the hair and can lead to breakage.
  2. Finger comb your hair with water when the hair is dry.  Finger combing helps to tackle the friz and tame tangles.
  3. Tame your hair with a touch of conditioner.  Water down a bit of conditioner and use your hands to apply to just the tips of your hair.
  4. Use a conditioner with protein in it.  This will help you to manage and frizz and create shine.
  5. Don’t over process hair.  Relaxers, hair straighteners and even coloring can make the hair more brittle which leads to breakage.
  6. Frizzy hair tends to more drier, so you need to put moisture back into hair.  Use a protein based conditioner, natural oil or frizz cream.  These are better absorbed by the hair. Synthetic silicon moisturizers on the other hand will lie on top of the hair making it appear greasy and dirty.
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  8. If you have Curly hair it tends to be more drier and frizzier.  When blow-drying the hair use a hair diffuser as it distributed the heat evenly and will give you a great defined curl.  Avoid using flat irons and curl irons on a regular basis as they will dry out your hair.
  9. Instead of flat-iron curly hair,  use a round rush to smooth out your hair.  You will have voluminous hair.  Now a days curls can be done with just a round brush and hairdrier.
  10. Use products that are alcohol-free.  Alcohol can dry out the hair, bringing you the frizz that you don’t want.
  11. Always carry a little bottle of detangling spray. If you find that during the day that your hair is frizzing up spray a little into your hands and then smooth your hair down. It is very light weight and won’t make your hair look oily.


In the end always talk to your stylist as they know your hair best and what will work best for your hair type.

How to Keep your hair color from fading

Avoid the fade

There is nothing that feels better then getting your hair freshly colored. The truth is though hair color tends to fade quite quickly and we find ourselves coloring our hair to often. Here are some color saving tips that will help keep your color looking fresh and vibrant, without a whole lot of effort.

Avoid shampoo as long as you can

The typical question always asked is how long should I wait after coloring my hair to shampoo. The longer you wait the better. The color will have more time to settle in. Always use cooler water when shampooing your hair. If your hair tends to get greasy easily rather then shampoo everyday, just rinse the hair and condition it.

Choose the best Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo always look for one that is for color treated hair and sulfate free. People tend to think that if there shampoo doesn’t lather it’s not a good shampoo; it’s actually the reverse, a good shampoo won’t have a lot of lather because it doesn’t have any sulfates. Stay away from Baby shampoo.

Protect Hair from Heat

Always use a styling protect that will protect your hair from heat styling ( blowdrying, flat-iron). This will help protect the cuticle layer that surrounds each of our hairstrands. When we color our hair that protective layer gets taken away and can become vulnerable to heat and drying devices. A protective spray will close the cuticle back up, and will give you a nice shine as well. Everyone should have a great Protective spray. Ask your stylist.

Protect hair from Sun and Chlorine Damage

Your vacation doesn’t have to get spoiled because of your hair. There are so many products that you can use on your hair color when you are out in the sun and swimming. First make sure you have a protective veil spray. This will leave an invisible screen on the hair to protect it from sun-exposure. A good Shampoo for after swimming is good. Use a color safe shampoo that will gently remove salt and chlorine build up on the hair. Remember always apply a UV blocking styling product before heading outdoors. Just like our skin needs protection so does our hair.

There are so many tips to help preserve your color. Here are a few that I mentioned.

• Avoid products with alcohol/Vinegar
• Use cooler water when washing your hai
• Wait a few days to wash your hair after getting it colored.

Hope these tips will help If you have any other questions or concerns it is always best to ask your color technician/stylist.

Tips for Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

The curly hair dilemma. You either love it or you hate. Curly hair is nice but with it comes a lot of frizz. Curly hair needs a lot of moisture and hydration. I have naturally curly hair and I know the struggles that come from it. The one thing I have come to realize is that the less you fuss with it the better it is. The more you play with curly hair the more frizzy it becomes. Here are some tips that will help you transform your locks of love.

Use only sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfates are what we find in detergents and in house hold cleaners. Sulfates are to harsh for the hair and can strip your hair from it’s natural oils. Invest in a shampoo that is sulfate-free and that will add Moisture and Protein back into your hair. Do not scrub your hair, gently cleanse your scalp. As you rinse the shampoo off the shampoo with run through the rest of hair gently cleansing the mid shaft to ends.

Disentangle Curls with Conditioner in the Shower

Always, Always condition your hair. Apply the conditioner in the shower and leave it in your hair as you cleanse the rest of your body. Before you rinse the conditioner off your hair, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb with the conditioner still in. This will stop you from pulling and tugging at the hair and causing breakage. After you have combed it out rinse out the conditioner and you are ready to style.

NEVER use a terry cloth towel to dry your hair

When towel drying you hair it is best to use a microfiber towel or even a t-shirt to remove the excess water from your curls. A terry cloth towel acts like Velcro and really rough up the cuticle. To remove the excess water and moisture gently scrunch sections of the hair in an upwards motion blotting the water in the towel. This is helping you to dry and coax the curls at the same time.

Sleep on Satin or Sateen pillowcases

Flannel pillowcases cause friction. The smoother the pillowcase is the less friction there is and the prettier your curls will be.

The days of not knowing how to take care of your curls are over. There are so many Curly hair systems that are available. Start researching and find out what works best for you. Not every stylist is comfortable with Cutting and dealing with Curly hair, so don’t be afraid to ask for a stylist that is educated and comfortable with dealing with Curly Hair. Now a days there are actually stylist that are trained specifically for Curly hair.

Brace and work with what you have. Sometimes we fight it to much. Set your Curls free and hold your head up high!

Tips for Straight Fine Hair

We all know that girls with fine straight hair always want hair that is full and bouncy. Here are some tips and tricks to know.

DO wash your hair often:

Unlike thick curly hair that doesn’t need to be washed often because it needs the natural oils to keep it moisturized, fine hair tends to get greasy faster causing the hair to feel heavy and weighed down. Use a gentle shampoo but was fine hair more often.

DO NOT condition your roots

Conditioner is used to improve the condition of your hair. Some of the ingredients in conditioners like oils and silicone’s can weigh down the hair. Condition sparingly, and just use it on the bottom section of your hair – no higher then the nape of your neck.

DO NOT sleep on Wet hair.

Thin fine hair doesn’t bounce back like fuller curly hair. Sleeping on Wet hair can leave your hair with weird kinks and cowlicks that you can only get rid of using a flat iron; which is more drying on the hair. Braid your hair and sleep on it wet. This will leave your hair wavy and giving you a fun beach look and will not allow it to get all tangled.

DO let it dry completely before leaving the house

When combing your hair do not use a plastic comb, this will cause a lot of static. Use a metal comb
as metal is conductive. You will also find that blow drying your hair completely and upside
down will give your hair more volume. Brushing your hair upside down is the best way to get to the roots and get that extra lift. Give your hair a good brush in different angles and this will give the hair some life to it.

DO NOT use lots of products.

People tend to think that by putting lots of products in the hair will make it more fuller. Less is best. Use just a volumizing spray for the roots only and blow dry. If you have fine wavy hair just a light gel and scrunch the hair and allow it do what it naturally wants to do.

Hope these tips help. Let us know how it works out.

Preventing Hair Loss

Prevent Hair-Loss Care

Most people will start to worry about treating their hair loss when they have already lost their hair. You should actually start to take care of it as soon as you start to realize that it is falling out. Hair loss can be contributed to stress both emotionally, physically and financially. With sensible hair care you can keep what you have and prevent the rest of your hair form falling out. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent your hair from falling.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Hair like you skin feeds off of what we put into our bodies. If you are healthy and you take care of your body you will notice your skin and hair will look and feel great. Always eat a lot of fruits and vegetable and drink lots of water.

Take Care of your hair

Always keep your hair clean. Buy good quality shampoo and hair products. When shampooing your hair concentrate on cleaning the scalp and roots. When applying your conditioner or hair lotion it is better to concentrate on the mid-shaft to ends. Trimming your hair regularly will help the hair from splitting and helps to make it look and feel better.

Avoid things that are bad for you hair

If you are experiencing hair loss, avoid wearing styles that pull the hair tight. (ponytails and braids)
Pulling your hair back that tight can actually pull the hair out from the roots. Avoid using excessive heat to the hair as this will dry our the scalp and damage hair follicles. If you have to use the blow drier use the coolest setting. Be gentle when combing your hair do not pull or be rough when towel drieing.

Home treatments for healthy hair

Here at Vescada we use Aveda products. Aveda has a wonderful Line called Invati. It is for people who are thinning and losing their hair. The hair system contains a Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Revitalizer treatment. You can google Invati hair care to read and here true testimonials about the line.

Never take your hair for granted. Prevention is better then the Cure.