Permanent Makeup


The secret of stunning beauty of leading models and actresses in the world has been revealed: Semi Permanent and Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent and Permanent Makeup are extremely popular procedures. These treatments are good choices for women who have make up allergies, have difficulty applying cosmetics or wear cosmetics all the time. Also, women with health conditions, such as alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy, can be helped by semi permanent or permanent make up.

These treatments are perfectly safe and have been approved by doctors, leading beauty therapists, celebrities and respected beauty writers. The makeup pigments used are made of natural iron oxide, it is hypoallergenic and there are no fragrances or other ingredients added. The results can be from subtle to striking, depending on your personal preference.

We offer a range of semi permanent and permanent make up treatments from very subtle eyeliners, eyebrows or lip liner treatment that are meant to enhance and define your natural beauty.

Price List

Eyeliners (top): $400.00
Eyeliners (bottom): $350.00
Eyeliners (top and bottom): $650.00
Eyebrows (powder look or feather look): $550.00
Eyebrows and Eyeliner (top or bottom): $850.00
Lips/Lip liner: $500.00+
Colour correction/ touch up: price by consultation
Tattoo lightening/ removal: price by consultation
Scalp/ bald spot shading: price by consultation
Areola tattoo (breast cancer treatment): price by consultation
Scar camouflage: price by consultation

Please note: Prices subject to change without notice.






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Be advised prices may vary and can change without notice.