a few tips for great looking hair.

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Do not brush hair when it is wet. This disrupts your hairs cuticle, which stretches the hair and can lead to breakage.


Finger comb your hair with water when the hair is dry. Finger combing helps to tackle the friz and tame tangles.


Tame your hair with a touch of conditioner. Water down a bit of conditioner and use your hands to apply to just the tips of your hair.


Use a conditioner with protein in it. This will help you to manage and frizz and create shine.


Don’t over process hair. Relaxers, hair straighteners and even coloring can make the hair more brittle which leads to breakage.


Frizzy hair tends to more drier, so you need to put moisture back into hair. Use a protein based conditioner, natural oil or frizz cream. These are better absorbed by the hair. Synthetic silicon moisturizers on the other hand will lie on top of the hair making it appear greasy and dirty. 


If you have Curly hair it tends to be more drier and frizzier. When blow-drying the hair use a hair diffuser as it distributed the heat evenly and will give you a great defined curl. Avoid using flat irons and curl irons on a regular basis as they will dry out your hair.


Instead of flat-iron curly hair, use a round rush to smooth out your hair. You will have voluminous hair. Now a days curls can be done with just a round brush and hairdrier.


Use products that are alcohol-free. Alcohol can dry out the hair, bringing you the frizz that you don’t want.


Always carry a little bottle of detangling spray. If you find that during the day that your hair is frizzing up spray a little into your hands and then smooth your hair down. It is very light weight and won’t make your hair look oily.

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